Collaborative Dharma.

Finding our paths together

We help people to investigate and develop their practice through open-ended mentoring and peer-group facilitation. We believe that together we can find wider understanding and gain more space for curiosity. Our own experience is that collaboration and knowledge sharing sparks inspiration and enables deep learning. We aren’t interested in establishing stable hierarchies or rigid roles. We are instead interested in facilitating learning through collaboration.

What we offer?


Get support and new perspectives through long-term peer-group meetings online. We gather interested individuals together and facilitate a starting period.

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Dharma Sprints

Dharma Sprint is a structured way to investigate your individual interest or a learning task. We facilitate a two weeks  sprint for you.

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1:1 Sessions

We offer 1:1 online sessions. These sessions are an opportunity to reflect your practice confidentially. 1:1 sessions can be done just once or more regularly.

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Who are we?

Hans Blücher

Hans started to meditate 2003 and has been a mindfulness instructor since 2006. From 2016 he has been deepening his practice and his knowledge about Dharma. He works as a psychologist and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Santtu Heikkinen

Santtu Heikkinen

Santtu has been a serious meditation and Dharma practitioner since 2016. He has taught meditation in live and online settings since early 2019. Santtu is a PhD student specializing in philosophy of consciousness in Helsinki University.

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Juhana Kokkonen

Juhana has been meditating about fifteen years. He has facilitated peer-group meditation meetings for many years and has attended a few teacher trainings. Juhana works as a teacher in a University of Applied Sciences and lives in Helsinki, Finland.

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Nate Liu

Nate started a serious meditation practice and study of the Dharma in Spring 2017. Throughout the journey he has found peers and peer groups to be an essential element of the path. Nate works as a Software Engineer and lives in New York city.

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Our activity is based on the idea of generosity. We give our contribution for free, but you can practice generosity by giving us dana. This mean that everyone can afford to collaborate with us.

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