Dana ;)

Dana is a Sanskrit and Pali word that means “to give, to cultivate generosity”. So according to the tradition we give dana to support the daily life needs of a teacher so he/she can continue to spread the wisdom of the dharma. In Collaborative Dharma we are at the moment lay people. We have regular jobs to support our basic needs.

Collaborative Dharma is built on collaboration. All our facilitation is given free. This is how we build good karma by our good deeds. When Collaborative Dharma flourish, there will be a lot of action and many hours spent in dharmic activities.

Giving dana is one way to be generous. You can give us dana, but only when it is a wholesome thing to do from your own perspective. You have to weigh your own reasons. Also the amount of dana is under your consideration based on your own situation. We’ll provide information about the ways to give dana to you personally after our interactions with you.