Do you want to deepen some part of your practice or investigate some aspect of Dharma more? Do you want to do it just by yourself or with a friend? We facilitate Dharma Sprints, where you commit to a learning task you have chosen yourself.

Dharma Sprint is a two weeks intensive period, where you study or practice with an extra effort. The theme for your sprint is something you are drawn into with an intrinsic motivation. A sprint can be done individually, or with a friend or a small group.

A theme for a Dharma Sprint could be for example

  • Finding a relaxed attitude in meditation
  • Seeking joy in meditation and while working
  • Investigating five hindrances in everyday life
  • Going deep in TMI’s stage five practices
  • Understanding experientially paticcasamuppāda
  • Trying to act harmoniously with others

The structure of a sprint

  1. You find a theme or a learning task you want to invest in.
  2. Sign up.
    • If you know with whom of us you want to work with:
      • Book a kick-off meeting from that person’s webpage.
      • Fill the sign up form below and tell more about your sprint theme.
      • You can also already book the closing session two weeks from the first meeting.
    • If you don’t know with whom to work with, just fill the sign up form below and we suggest you the most suitable person.
  3. We start with a kick-off online meeting. In this meeting we’ll talk about the chosen theme and try to make it as clear as possible. Now the sprint starts.
  4. In the beginning of the second week you’ll report about your process via email, and we’ll comment it if necessary.
  5. In the end of the second week, we’ll have a closing session, where you can reflect with us, how the sprint went, what you noticed during it and learned from it, and how to proceed from here.

Our role in a sprint

We give the structure for the sprint, and give you feedback in a collegial manner. Our role is to support your learning process and provide scaffolds for your work. We don’t think ourselves as experts on every topic and practices. We facilitate your expertise and reflect your experiences and outcomes with you.

Sign up

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