Hans Blücher.

Hans Blücher

Hans Blücher has worked as a clinical psychologist for 20+ years. He has been a meditator since 2003 and a mindfulness instructor since 2006. For ten years he worked as an organizational psychologist implementing mindfulness in the workplace through courses, lectures, open meditation classes and coaching. In 2011 he became a certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach.

Hans lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with his wife Anki Widenberg Blücher, who is a yoga teacher, Hans has taught retreats in Grenada and in Sweden.

Spring 2016 Hans was introduced to the meditation guide The Mind Illuminated and started to deepen his practice. In 2017 he started to study with Tucker Peck PhD, and Upali. In summer 2018 he undertook the Upasaka vows and was given the name Upasaka Vedanasati in a retreat taught by the same teachers. He also started his training to become a Buddhist meditation teacher under their supervision.

February 2019 Hans became a student of the two-year long Passaddhi Teacher Training program with Dharma Treasure.

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