Juhana Kokkonen.

Juhana Kokkonen

Juhana has been meditating about fifteen years and he has practiced many different approaches. He has experience in open and unstructured meditation, non-dual practices, metta and two Samatha-Vipassana approaches. Juhana has facilitated peer-sanghas for many years and has attended a few meditation teacher trainings. Namely, he has accomplished a facilitator training in an approach called Recollective Awareness Meditation. In this regard, he has been a part of a teacher and facilitator collective called Re-Collective for many years. In 2019 he was encouraged to start teaching by Tucker Peck. After that he has observed Tucker’s and Upali‘s teaching up close in retreat and online environments, and is part of a teacher collective with them and few other meditation teachers.

Juhana lives in Helsinki, Finland, with his wife and two daughters. He works as a teacher in a University of Applied Sciences, where he has developed collaborative learning methods for twenty years. He has graduated as a Licentiate of Philosophy in Adult Education. In his research he studied peer-learning and new organizational possibilities. Many of his thoughts and ideas around Collaborative Dharma are coming from these studies.

Juhana took Upasaka vows in 2019 from his teacher Tucker Peck and was given the name Upasaka Asoka. Asoka means “without grief or sorrow”.

Juhana is doing two Dharma related podcasts in Finnish with a couple of his friends: Tyhjäntoimittajat and Kirkastunut mieli. He is also a co-writer of the blog Dharma.fi.

In addition to his interest in Dharma Juhana loves Tai Chi and bouldering.

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