Nate Liu.

Hi, I’m Nate 🙂

I’ve explored various systems of meditation practice since Spring 2017, with the Samatha-Vipassana approach outlined in the book The Mind Illuminated as the backbone for quite some period of time. Other systems that I have gained great benefits from include Rob Burbea’s Emptiness and Soulmaking practices, various non-dual practices, and the Diamond Approach. Apart from meditation practices, I also view integration of insight into daily life and psychological healing as important parts of the path, and have explored various methods and frameworks to assist with that. I don’t dare claim expertise in any of them, but I am glad to share my experiences and give pointers if you’re interested!

I was lucky to take part in different peer groups on my path, which I have benefited greatly from. Note this is coming from a guy that started out thinking that he could do everything on his own! I find that the knowledge, support, and camaraderie that sprung from the groups to be amazing, and realize that I would be pretty lost without my fellow explorers! I am also very excited to explore different avenues and formats of collaboration, and think that there is a lot of potential in the space.

Apart from meditation I also enjoy practicing Qigong, Hatha yoga, and Taijiquan these days.

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