Do you want to share your practice’s ups and downs with a long-term small group? Do you feel that you would benefit from peer-support and new perspectives of others? We gather interested individuals together and facilitate an initiation period. 

As a participant you take part in a group of 3-5 practitioners. The group meets for one and a half hour mainly biweekly or triweekly over a period of six months. The groups are mainly self-organized but they get support from us along the way. 

In order to create a safe and supportive developmental process it’s important that all members prioritize the attendance on the group’s scheduled meetings. By signing up to this program you are committing to show up at the group meetings over a period of six months.

Our role in peer-groups

We’ll be facilitators who will be there to support the development of the group dynamics. We’ll help the group to organize itself and get going. After that we consider ourselves as experienced and dedicated practitioners , who join the group meetings only if the groups wants practice guidance or other input from us.

The process

After you have signed up to our waiting list, we’ll meet you and talk about your expectations and meditation background. When there is enough sign-ups for a new group to form, we set up an initiation period. We are facilitating this period for the group.

After the initiation period we’ll meet with the group in the middle of the program and along the way if invited. In the end of the six months period we will come back for a closing session to talk about the whole process and discuss about the future of your peer-group. 

Sign up

Next groups will start in the spring 2022. If you are interested, please contact us with the form below. If we don’t know you beforehand, we will arrange a 1:1 meeting with you to ensure a good fit with your peer-group.

Peer-Group Sign Up